Sunday, 14 August 2016

EdFringe Review: Tomorrow, Maybe at C nova

Tomorrow, Maybe
C nova
Running Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Reviewed on Saturday 13th August 2016

Tomorrow, Maybe is the opportunity to people watch under a magnificent, musical microscope. You are invited into Miriana’s café on a normal day, and follow the normal lives of her regular customers. The charming factor of this new musical is that it is so normal – it’s real and identifiable. Each character is facing relatable problems and climbing normal everyday milestones.

The score is outstanding. The arrangement of the opening number (which I have since found on Soundcloud and had on repeat) is breathtaking; each cast member is ridiculously talented with their voices gloriously filling the space. I felt spoilt, sat in the intimate fringe venue and having such terrific crystal harmonies reverberating around the room for a small, lucky audience. The three-piece band (which even includes a saxophone), take the already five star score to the next level.

It would be impossible pick stand out performances, as each cast member was faultless; every actor stood on that stage was sublime. Tomorrow, Maybe is carried by an ensemble of strong, powerful performers and musicians. Amies and Clements have bright futures ahead of them as composers; I am eagerly awaiting to see what they write next. Tomorrow, Maybe is a must see for anybody hungry for new, relatable and exciting musical theatre.

Reviewed by Lucy Beirne

Tomorrow, Maybe runs at C nova until Monday 29th August 2016. Click here for info and tickets.

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