Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Who should be cast in the Wicked movie?

After years of rumours and speculation... innuendo... outuendo... last month a release date was finally announced for Universal's film adaptation of Wicked. 

With the right casting the film as potential to be huge and, although the release may be three years away, all sorts of names have already been thrown into the mix. It goes without saying that we'd love a cast of Broadway and West End stars, but we realise that isn't going to be the case. With some help from readers on social media, we've but together the following dream casting...


For years Lea Michele has been heavily tipped to be cast as Elphaba in the Wicked film. We think super-Elphie Rachel Tucker would be the perfect choice; other names that have popped up include Tony winner Cynthia Erivo and pop star Jessie J who could certainly riff her way through 'Defying Gravity'.


There aren't any strong rumours for Glinda; following her success with Frozen would Kristen Bell make a good Glinda? We'd love it to be one of the actresses who has played the role on stage, perhaps Katie Rose Clarke or Megan Hilty. Other names suggested by readers include Amanda Seyfried and Sarah Hyland.

Madame Morrible

Interestingly we received more tweets about dream casting for Madame Morrible than any other character! Meryl Streep would be the perfect choice whilst Helena Bonham Carter, Angela Lansbury and Whoopi Goldberg would all be equally as incredible too.


Nessarose would be the perfect role for West End actress Samantha Barks to make her big screen comeback in. If producers want a major name, they could try the likes of Anna Kendrick, Emma Watson or Taylor Swift.


A few years ago it was rumoured that One Direction's Harry Styles was in talks to star as Fiyero in the Wicked movie. Our hot favourite would be the one and only Aaron Tveit. Channing Tatum could pull off the Fiyero pants, or is it about time Zac Efron did another movie musical?

The Wizard

Robert De Niro basically is The Wizard. Showman Hugh Jackman would ace a rendition of 'Wonderful' whilst we would love to see what Dustin Hoffman or Samuel L. Jackson could do with the role.


We've had fewest suggestions for Boq, and this is certainly a tough role to cast. Broadway's Ben Platt would make a perfect Boq (plus his Dad is Wicked's producer...) or alternatively Daniel Radcliffe certainly has Boq potential! 

Who have we missed? Who would you like to see in the Wicked film? Comment below or Tweet us!

Andrew Tomlins (Editor)

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  1. Dustin hoffman as Dr. Dillamond would be pretty cool. :')