Thursday, 28 July 2016

Review: Some Girl(s) at the Park Theatre

Some Girl(s)
Park Theatre
Reviewed on Wednesday 20th July 2016

Some Girl(s) follows a man who travels around America in an attempt to make amends with four old flames before he gets married. It comes as no surprise that these encounters throw up various emotional turmoils for all involved.

Charles Dorfman leads the piece giving the strongest performance of the evening. Some Girl(s) is made up of four two-hander scenes. Dorfman doesn't leave the stage and injects honestly into his performance.

Roxanne Pallett brings sparks to the stage, her segment is the most interesting to watch. Carolyn Backhouse takes to the stage with alluring charm whilst Carley Stenson and Elly Condron both share strong chemistry with Dorfman. 

Although Some Girl(s) is somewhat intriguing, Neil LaBute's play does seem somewhat over-emotional. Gary Condes' production is neatly staged, but drags on several occasions. It's an interesting (and brave) exploration of relationships which leaves you with a little bit to think about.

Reviewed by Andrew Tomlins (Editor)

Some Girl(s) runs at the Park Theatre until 6th August 2016.
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Photo Credit: Claire Bilyard 

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