Friday, 15 April 2016

Stuart Ward & Gemma Sutton join Michael Crawford in The Go-Between

Stuart Ward (Once) and Gemma Sutton (Gypsy) will star as Ted and Marian in The Go-Between.

They join the previously announced Michael Crawford as Leo Colston. Crawford is returning to the West End to appear in the musical version of L.P. Hartley's novelThe Go-Between opens at the Apollo Theatre on 7th June 2016 (previews from 27th May). 

The new musical has a score by Richard Taylor and will be directed by Roger Haines. Crawford famously originated the title role in Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera and was last seen as the title role in the West End revival of The Wizard of Oz at the London Palladium.

The cast also includes: Issy Van Randwyck (Mrs Maudsley), Julian Forsyth (Mr Maudsley / 1st Cover Colston), Stephen Carlile (Trimingham), Silas Wyatt-Barke (Denys), Jenni Bowden (Stanton / Leo’s Mother / Eulalie ), John Addison (Henry With 1st Cover Ted / 2nd Cover Denys / 2nd Cover Trimingham), Luka Green (Leo 1), William Thompson (Leo 2), Johnny Evans Hutchison (Leo 3), Archie Stevens (Marcus 1), Matty Norgren (Marcus 2) and Samuel Menhinick (Marcus 3).

Completing the cast are: Jane Quinn (Understudy With 1st Cover Mrs Maudsley / 1st Cover Leo’s Mother / 2nd Cover Marian), Jessica Duncan (Understudy With 1st Cover Marian / 2nd Cover Leo’s Mother), Robert Traynor (Understudy With 1st Cover Mr Maudsley / 2nd Cover Colston) and Michael Colbourne (Understudy With 1st Cover Denys / 1st Cover Trimingham / 2nd Cover Ted).

Michael Crawford plays Leo Colston, a man who can no longer hide from the memories of his past. Memories of the gloriously hot summer of 1900 and of his days spent in Norfolk come flooding back. Spending the holidays with the family of his school friend Marcus in their luxurious country home, the young Leo finds himself acting as the go-between for the beautiful upper-class Marian and tenant-farmer Ted who are embroiled in a forbidden secret love affair. 

The innocent Leo gets caught up in the adult atmosphere of deceit and manipulation as he risks everything in this deeplymoving coming of age story. The events of that summer and the devastating effects of love denied will shape his life forever.

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