Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Curing Room returning to London

The Curing Room by David Ian Lee is returning to London this summer.

The show will open at the Vaults Theatre in Waterloo on 4th May for a limited run to 29th May 2016. 

The Curing Room previously ran at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2014 before transferring to the Pleasance in Islington.

Joao de Sousa directs with design by Phil Lindley, sound by Angus MacRae, lighting by David Howe and fight direction by Bret Yount. Returning to the show are original cast members Rupert Elmes, Tom Holloway, Matt Houston, John Hoye, Harvey Robinson and Marlon Solomon with John Last joining the company. 

Provocative, thought-provoking and at times darkly funny, The Curing Room is a bold, daring thriller based on true events, in which the ensemble of 7 male actors perform the show completely nude. 

Spring 1944 - seven Soviet soldiers have been captured by the Nazis, stripped naked and abandoned in the locked empty cellar of a monastery in southern Poland. Deprived of all resources and ties to the world they knew, the prisoners must redefine their concepts of order and human nature and confront the ultimate taboos - murder and cannibalism – in order to survive... 

Joao de Sousa said, "In spite of the moments of brutality and gore The Curing Room is a beautifully staged production with an undercurrent of hope and humanity. I’m thrilled to bring the show to new audiences at the Vaults, who’s subterranean setting so ideally suits the design of our production that I feel like it is almost site-specific!

"It’s a thriller that shines a light on dark side of human behavior that is as old as humanity itself – and was inspired by an allegedly true anecdote recalled in George Steiner’s seminal work The Death of Tragedy. However, what precisely befell these seven men ‘in the last year of the war’ will forever remain conjecture – as will the identities of the men themselves."

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