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#SummerSays - March is for making choices

January is over. You moaned more than usual and set yourself rules that you've probably already broken - it's fine, you're human! Then February came and love was all around, except if you were single, so you ate all the chocolate you didn't eat in January, and that's also fine - totally acceptable!

Well, March is here and March is ace. Time Out's front page has changed to flowers and colours, people on the tube look a little less suicidal on a Monday, and daffodils are in full bloom, so we’ve practically nailed it, and what makes March undeniably special is that my blog is back - a bit more 'limited edition', but back to help you on your way up that ladder. From hereon in I’m doing a blog a month and each one will feature a cheeky bit of alliteration in the title to spur you through spring; sprint into summer; aim high in autumn and welcome in winter. March is for ‘making choices’ and life is about making decisions, so here are a few to start you off.

Decision number 1: Change your mindset.

I used to think this wasn’t really workable - it is! Make a choice and step away from the negative and the tiring. I've learnt in life, sometimes people create a storm then decide they don’t like the rain. Sometimes you'll feel confusion and have days you feel you aren’t purposeful - that’s also ok. There are moments that will stay with you, words that will stick – they were simply moments; they were simply words. You cannot let these define you, because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt on my journey up the ladder so far, it’s that people can only take from you what you allow. 

It’s not always easy, but you have to let go of the moments and things that don't go your way. What is meant to be will be, right? Remember, people who truly care about you deserve to be in your life; your experiences are all the pieces of your personal puzzle and, most importantly, they all happen for a reason. By assuming that mindset and allowing yourself to be an imperfect human, you'll remember that all of the above is quite alright. 

Decision number 2: Make a choice and gain some knowledge.

Milly Summer
We act like we can read enough articles and Pinterest quotes to get us through life. Whatever happened to the old-school way of gaining knowledge? Graduating and getting older surely does not mean you get to put the books down? Knowledge is power and being knowledgeable allows you to become aware in life both of your surroundings and of yourself. It allows you to discover what you’re passionate about; what you’re good at; where you’re strong; where you’re weak; what excites you; what scares you; what repulses you and what motivates you. 

Surely as human beings we need to understand these things if we're ever going to grow? I've been asking myself how I make an effort to continue to be knowledgeable? So far I’ve had a real good crack at reading every single day, even if it's a little bit. Try picking up a book instead of your iPhone. It's not going to kill you if you don't know what outfit Kendal Jenner had on or if you haven't checked your emails in the last half an hour. Pick up a book and read the pages or read the newspaper. Imagine a world that wasn't continuously electronic. I know, I can't either, but try talking about things that matter, give your opinions where they could be useful, and reignite the spark in your brain. 

Decision number 3: Don't be a busy fool.

My colleague said this to me yesterday - it was something his father once told him. Of course to be busy is a wonderful thing, but is it wise to be buzzing around so much that you forget to make time for what's important? The first and most important thing being making time for YOU. I'm trying my hardest this year (and believe me it's an effort) to try not to merely be busy, but to be productive. That mostly comes down to me realising that I can do anything, but not everything. It's far too exhausting using your time up that way and also not often returned. So by making a conscious effort to have more nights in and 'you time', you might feel refreshed and more focused at work, or in whatever you are doing generally. 

I'll leave you with those three, as I could blabber on until the end of the week and I wouldn't want to distract you from all the chocolate about to surface. Have a wonderful Easter!

Milly Summer

Milly Summer (25) is assistant to Michael Garrett at leading London talent agency Global Artists.
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