Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Guest Blog: Setting out to stage Hamlet Peckham

Anthony Green
Actor and director Anthony Green writes about his production of Hamlet in Peckham and the values of fringe theatre.

Hamlet is produced countless times every year; our production is about solutions. Not only is the play about solutions but the story behind the play is also about solutions. Hamlet has a problem and spends the entire play figuring out how to solve it, which is the perfect metaphor for how we went about producing this production. 

Over half our actors for this production were cast through open online auditions. We saw over 2,200 audition tapes in search of the best people and the remaining actors were cast from previous productions and acting classes. We signed up to the Equity Fringe Agreement which is a growing initiative about fairness and protection which chimes directly with our values.

We split the part of Hamlet up. We have three Hamlets throughout the show; two female and one male - representing the beginning, the middle and the end: the problem, the plan and the solution. We have a very diverse group of actors of different ages, backgrounds and nationalities playing various roles. 

The cast of Hamlet Peckham 

Shakespeare gives his characters the largest possible goals and puts the largest possible obstacles in the way of those goals. To see great actors negotiate, overcome and achieve those goals is a hopeful and cathartic journey into what is possible not just for Hamlet and our other characters but also for our actors, and we hope for every member of our audience. 

Fringe theatre is a hugely important and vital part of London’s theatre landscape. It is unique. Its real. It doesn’t have or need any (often incorrect) perceived market value driven ideas of what is thought is needed. Its responsive. Its cares. It’s about art. It’s about ideals. But above all, it’s about love. 

Anthony Green

Hamlet Peckham runs at the CLF Theatre (The Bussey Building in Peckham) until 27th February 2016. Please visit www.hamletpeckham.com for further information and tickets.

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