Thursday, 31 December 2015

#SummerSays: Your personal bucket list for 2016

I can't quite believe I'm writing at the end of December. I'm not really sure how that happened, but time flies and all that. Throughout these blogs there has always been a title and a beginning, middle and end. This one's slightly different. Forgive me, but I suppose the purpose of this one is to simply share with you things I have learnt this year, and hope that you might be able to take some of it with you as you dive into 2016. It's for you to create your own ideas about what you've achieved this past year and what you dream of doing in the year ahead. 

There have been many things I've learnt this year, but for me these are the three I think worth sharing: 


Patience is a really important virtue to have, as I know from first-hand experience. I used to overuse the microwave, or rush to the end of a book, but I've realised it's good to know that taking small steps is great, because when you've walked enough, you'll have the experience and detail that you need. Good things take time, right? So maybe cut yourself a little slack and be patient with where you're at. Instead of counting the days, try to make each one count.


Perfection doesn't exist, which has taken me the first half of my twenties to realise. Nobody or nothing is perfect and striving for it ends in huge disappointment. I don't think you need to be perfect to inspire others, as it seems to me that it's far more inspiring watching how people deal with their imperfections. Somebody once told me "don't pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one". I'm pretty sure that the latter will be far more beneficial whilst climbing your ladder. After all, I'm sure you'd rather reach the top with experience and stories. 

Milly Summer

As creatives, we tend to get wrapped up in our work and personal projects. This industry demands workaholics and huge amounts of your time. I'm learning that what consumes your mind, controls your life. So by finding a switch off button inside your brain and learning to relax, or by using your time differently, you may find a more harmonious balance. Be happy with what you have, whilst you're working towards want you want.

Things I've learnt this year: That people will always notice your actions change, but forget about their behaviour; that time can be a great healer with pain or heartbreak; that things which don't seem achievable are in reach; and most importantly, to remind yourself that you are allowed to be selfish and in charge of your time.

Milly Muses: There's no need to look back, as you're not travelling in that direction, so be thankful for what you are now, and keep fighting for what you want tomorrow. May your coming year be full of magic, dreams and exciting challenges!

Milly Summer

Milly Summer (25) is assistant to Michael Garrett at leading London talent agency Global Artists.
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