Thursday, 19 November 2015

#SummerSays: Finding Your Voice

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, as children we were told to listen and not speak unless spoken to. 

Now 2015 is upon us, Instagram has taken over the world, emails fly overseas and Twitter connects people on a daily basis. People filter everything they do and fill their Facebook timelines with what they believe to be important statuses and opinions.

I'm not saying social media is a bad thing; it's powerful and connecting. Maybe it helps people find their voice, however have you stopped to recognise when you last truly dug deep and raised yours when needed? Have you felt confident enough to speak up when it's right to and do you use it as often as you could?

If you knew me when I was younger you would have met someone fearless, confident, frenetic and loud, who was full to the brim with huge dreams. I’m still full of huge dreams and loud (at times), but I’m learning day by day that silence is also quite powerful and if you use your voice when it’s needed, rather than using it too often, then that is also powerful too. There’s no point running around wasting your magic energy and voice where it’s not necessary. Instead it needs to be channelled into things that need your time and focus.

When I started climbing my ladder I had to learn how to change and adapt some of what I was told were my most amazing qualities, because there was too much of certain things and not enough of others. From being an intern in a casting office to adapting to a different working environment as an Agent Assistant - I've learnt, and am learning, how to use my voice and my time efficiently. Time management is another huge factor, but that's for another blog, so let's stick with the subject for now - attention to detail Milly Summer!

Milly Summer
Some of the most successful people, who have probably reached the very top of their ladders, are still continuously quoted and used as examples today. Take a second and look around at the most successful personalities and companies, some of them are the world’s best at what they do, but others just have an innate ability to stand out and be remembered by using their voice: Steve Jobs, Jim Cramer, Howard Stern, Joe Rogan and Richard Branson.

Whatever personality you identify with, you know there’s something about them that makes them uniquely themselves. It turns out there’s something about you that makes you uniquely yourself too… and it’s your job to ensure you’re not hiding it from the world.

Robin Williams once said: “You must strive to find your own voice because the longer you wait to begin, the less likely you are find it at all."

Have a listen to your own voice and your own thoughts. I think at present too many people listen to the noise going on around them. That's easily done and I'm more than guilty of it at times, but try to listen to yourself and then hopefully you might discover that you don't really need to raise your voice, but just improve your argument, or you can dig down and find it even though you might feel like it's hiding.

Milly Muses: Know when to use your voice. It matters.

Milly Summer

Milly Summer (25) is assistant to Michael Garrett at leading London talent agency Global Artists.
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