Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Review: Dinner With Friends at the Park Theatre

Dinner With Friends
Park Theatre
Reviewed on Friday 30th October 2015

When marriages break down many worry about children, property, finances and maybe broken hearts, but interestingly in Donald Margulies' play when Tom and Beth announce their divorce we see how it leads to their closest friends Gabe and Karen - who appear to have the perfect marriage - questioning their own happiness.

Tom Attenborough's production contains some well staged scenes, amusingly delivered lines and occasional poignant moments, but overall the piece is very tame. All four characters are floored and I could feel different audience members siding with Tom or Beth and Gabe or Karen during different rows and disagreements. Hari Dhillon, Shaun Dooley, Sara Stewart & Finty Williams give strong performances and excel in the intimacy of the Park Theatre.

This Pulitzer Prize winning play certainly has something to say, but it just takes a while to get going. Whilst their are no major faults, Dinner With Friends doesn't stand strong and make its mark. The ultimate conclusion is interesting, but I think audiences should be left with more to digest.

Reviewed by Andrew Tomlins (Editor)

Dinner With Friends runs at the Park Theatre until 28th November 2015.
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  1. The beauty of this play is in its subtly. It's a great exposition of the contours of friendship and love. The fact that the audience sides with different characters at different times demonstrates the complexity of relationships our perception of right and wrong. Yes, it is a quiet production but all the better for it.