Monday, 16 November 2015

Review: Dawn French - 30 Million Minutes at the Vaudeville Theatre

Dawn French: 30 Million Minutes
Vaudeville Theatre
Reviewed on Thursday 12th November 2015

I think everybody needs a friend like Dawn French; I adore her strength, spirit and attitude towards life. In her solo show 30 Million Minutes, French delves into her personal life and offers an insight into various experiences as well as the relationships she shares with those closest to her. Subjects include 'how to be a mum' and 'how to be a wife'; plus, French dissects her body and speaks openly about the truth behind headlines from over the years. 

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what 30 Million Minutes is trying to be. There are times, particularly during the first act, where it feels like stand-up comedy. However, as the evening progresses French digs deeper and there are some poignant moments. Directed by Michael Grandage, the show has a clear arc but sometimes the shifts in mood feel too forced.

"...everybody needs a friend like Dawn French!"

This is French's opportunity to speak to the world in her own words; she tells some terrific stories and I love that she has no boundaries (she is hysterically outrageous). It is a shame the show purely focuses on French's personal life as I would love to hear more about her career - how she climbed the ladder to success, showbiz stories etc... Instead her professional life is rarely mentioned.

Complete with projections, video clips and montages, Grandage's production flows smoothly. 30 Million Minutes runs well over two hours and French owns the stage throughout - she carries the energy and keeps things moving. French quickly builds an unbreakable bond with the audience; it is a pleasure to spend an evening in her company. 

Reviewed by Andrew Tomlins (Editor)

Dawn French: 30 Million Minutes runs at the Vaudeville Theatre until 9th December 2015.
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