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Review: Shoshana Bean Live at the Singer's Lounge

Shoshana Bean Live
The Singer's Lounge
Reviewed on Friday 2nd October 2015

Last weekend singer, songwriter, actress, Broadway icon and YouTube phenomenon Shoshana Bean returned to London for another run of sold out concerts. 

Taking to the stage at the Singer's Lounge, Bean - who played a residency at the London Hippodrome in June - explained that her last bunch of shows were so crazy (she was also preparing to star in the musical Beaches) that she never had the chance to fully embrace the moment and take it all in. This is why she decided to return to London so soon... and the sold out audience certainly weren't complaining. Marking the first time I had ever seen Bean perform live, it was an absolute treat to see her singing in such an intimate venue.

I didn't see the shows back in June so can't compare the set list, but Bean said she had created an entirely new show featuring several of her self-penned songs which she had never performed in London before. Whether she's singing one of her own tracks or a number everybody knows and loves, Bean performs with tremendous flair and individuality.

I can't start naming all the stand out numbers because I would probably have to list every single song. However, my personal highlights included 'Avalon', 'Came To Love' and 'This War' from her Shadows to Light EP as well as 'You Keep Me Hangin' On', a fun requests section and her performances with West End leading man Richard Fleeshman and girlband Houston - their voices blended beautifully together.

What makes Bean stand apart from other singers is her identity and diverse range of influences. Too often I switch on the television and watch singers trying to scream in tune at a panel of judges. Belting/vocal gymnastics has become increasingly popular, but it's not simple. Bean showed us how it’s done, belting out song after song with technique and pace; if vocal gymnastics were a sport, Bean would be world champion. Watch and learn people!

Bean's personality shines through - she is hilarious and comes across incredibly natural onstage. She doesn't take herself too seriously, yet you certainly feel in the presence of a star. It was such a privilege to see Shoshana Bean back in London, relishing every moment in such an intimate venue - wouldn't it be wonderful if she could drop in to London every couple of months. Shoshana Bean is in a league of her own.

Reviewed by Andrew Tomlins

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