Monday, 26 October 2015

Production Pics: CATS returns to the London Palladium starring Beverley Knight

Production images have been released for Cats which has returned to the London Palladium starring Beverley Knight as Grizabella. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical is booking to 2nd January 2016. Check out the images below (click picture to enlarge).

Madalena Alberto will alternate the role of Grizabella. Knight is not scheduled to appear at Friday 13th November, Monday 16th November, Tuesday 17th November, Tuesday 1st December and Friday 11th December performances as well as mid-week matinees as she is working on a new studio album.

The full cast includes: Jack Butterworth (Rumpus/Alonzo), Danielle Cato (Cassandra), Javier Cid (Macavity/Admetus), Luke Cinque-White (Carbucketty), Emma Lee Clark (Bombalurina), Jon-Scott Clark (Bill Bailey), Gabrielle Cocca (Tantomile), Harry Francis (Mungojerrie), Tarryn Gee (Jemima), Evan James (Skimbleshanks), Matt Krzan (Munkustrap), Georgie Leatherland (Rumpelteazer), Adam Linstead (Old Deuteronomy), Paul F Monaghan (Gus/Growltiger/Bustopher Jones), Jane Quinn (Jennyanydots), Mark John Richardson (Quaxo/ Mistoffelees), Clare Rickard (Jellylorum), Jordan Shaw (Pouncival), Hannah Kenna Thomas (Victoria/ White Cat), James Titchener (Coricopat), Marcquelle Ward (Tugger) and Anna Woodside (Demeter). 

They are joined by Megan Armstrong, Lindsay Atherton, Lucy Brushett, Oliver Ramsdale, Alex Pinder and Barry Haywood as swings.


Photo Credit: Alessandro Pinna

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