Thursday, 3 September 2015

#SummerSays: Playing the Yes Game

'YES' - what a funny word! A word that ultimately decides what we do and where we go in everyday life. Ever heard of the yes game? Ever played the yes game? 

I now spend more time in my life attempting to say no, which is always harder than it sounds when you want to see and do everything possible that's happening in London (especially if Tuesday Timeout is your weekly bible, as it is mine).

People often say, the older you get the easier it becomes to say no, along with the idea that you're far more likely to do exactly what you want to, regardless of what people think. I guess that is one of the bonuses of growing up. I’m still working this one out as I go, aiming for that perfect balance that we all strive to achieve.

I will, however, advise anyone interning or starting something new to certainly have a go at playing the yes game. Yes is a powerful word and the more you use it in the beginning, the more you might be able to pick up and learn. Things that you may feel you can't really be bothered to try, things you think might be irrelevant or slightly dreary probably are, but there's always someone hungry to play the yes game, so open up your mind and be willing to dive into everything. Then, once you're where you want to be, you have earned the right - perhaps even power - to start saying no to things. You must of course be cautious with your yes game, ensuring you know the difference between saying yes when it’s beneficial for you, and saying no when it isn’t.

Milly Summer
Wanting and having are two different things. You shouldn't ever do something because you feel you have to - a mistake I have made many a time. Forcing yourself to class feeling guilty if you haven't practiced your twang. You might feel you don't deserve something until you get a job? Nonsense. If we all lived with that mind-set, the world would be a dreary place. You have the right to spend your time and money on things you want to do along with saying yes and no . If that's missing a ballet class to go to treat yourself to something in Topshop or saving for a city break you know you'll never forget - give it a go, why not? 

You know the saying, "nothing changes until you change?" We all know it's true, but that doesn't make it easy to embrace. Maybe all you need and all it really comes down to is making simple changes to small everyday things. Overthinking everyday situations and always trying to do the right thing is tiring for anybody to uphold, so cut yourself a little slack and remember you're doing your best. Have a go over the next seven days to practice just simply saying yes. See if any opportunities arise; see if you make any new connections. Just make sure during your ‘yes’ trial that you are ALWAYS taking care of yourself first. Saying yes doesn’t mean you need to race around trying to please everyone; it’s about what’s good and works for you.

Milly Mules: Have a go at putting yes before no and see what might happen. 

Milly Summer

Milly Summer (25) is assistant to Michael Garrett at leading London talent agency Global Artists.
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