Friday, 4 September 2015

Review: Flare Path (UK Tour) at the Richmond Theatre

Flare Path (UK Tour)
Richmond Theatre
Reviewed on Wednesday 2nd September 2015

A beautifully warm and heartbreakingly tender play, Flare Path showcases a snapshot of life during the Second World War. Based on Terence Rattigan’s personal experiences as a tail gunner, Flare Path was first performed in 1942 when people had no idea how much longer the war would last. It truly is a remarkable play, the flashes of hope are hugely powerful.

Centring around a love triangle, Olivia Hallinan is the driving force behind Justin Audibert's revival. She stars as Patricia, an actress married to RAF pilot Teddy (Alastair Whatley). Things become a little more complicated for Patricia when her former flame, famous actor Peter Kyle (Leon Ockenden), turns up.

Ockenden takes to the stage with a twinkle in his eye, giving a charismatic performance. Whatley brings an interesting dynamic to the piece; Teddy doesn't have a natural spark with his wife, but Whatley shows us that he means well and wants to make the relationship work. 

Flare Path offers an insight into the lives of those who lived through an unimaginably frightening time. We see RAF bomber crews heading off to duty and their wives waiting for their return. The gentle humour is brilliant, Flare Path contains beautiful spirit.

An incredible piece of theatre which has most certainly stood the test of time, Flare Path remains one of my absolute favourite plays. Although this production could be taken up a notch, it features wonderful design and a fine cast.

Reviewed by Andrew Tomlins (Editor)

Flare Path runs at the Richmond Theatre until Saturday 5th September and tours the UK until Saturday 28th November 2015. Please visit for further information and tickets.

Photo Credit: Jack Ladenburg

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