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Review: Our House at the Union Theatre

Our House
Union Theatre
Reviewed on Friday 21st August 2015

Inspired by the music of Madness, Our House is a jukebox musical with a pretty good story. Similar to the 'Sliding Doors' concept, the show follows Joe Casey as he breaks into an apartment on his 16th birthday. After the police arrive, Joe has to decide whether to hold up his hands and accept the consequences of what he's done, or whether to run away. This is where the show splits and for the remainder we see how Joe's life turns out after making both decisions.

I was worried about Our House becoming a little more confusing on a smaller scale, but Michael Burgen's production is perfectly easy to follow. Even if you're not the most hardcore Madness fan, you will probably realise you know many of their biggest hits; their songs work well and are woven neatly into the show.

The company give their all, nobody can fault them for their energy or dedication to the piece. The age gap between those playing the younger and older generations are too small which makes some scenes a little hard to take seriously. 

Taking on the role of Joe is Steven France who impresses in his first major musical role opposite Ailsa Davidson who stands out throughout for her top notch portrayal and vocals as Sarah, Joe's girlfriend. Chanice Alexander-Burnett, Claire Learie, Joseph Giacone and Joe Ashman also brighten up the stage throughout, the entire cast have strong chemistry and seem to be having a ball.

William Whelton's choreography is particularly impressive; he fully utilises the space and ensures the cast are performing full out from start to finish. Our House is a fantastic show and Burgen has given it a fresh new lease of life.

Reviewed by Andrew Tomlins (Editor)

Our House runs at the Union Theatre until 12th September 2015.
Please visit for further information and tickets.

Photo Credit: Darren Bell

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