Monday, 3 August 2015

Review: Horrible Histories Barmy Britain - Part Three at the Garrick Theatre

Horrible Histories Barmy Britain - Part Three
Garrick Theatre
Reviewed on Wednesday 29th July 2015

Who knew rhinos used to roam the fields of Britain? Who knew 600 people in Soho died of cholera by drinking water from one mangy tap? I certainly didn't!

In Horrible Histories Barmy Britain Part Three Anthony Spargo and Neal Foster take the audience on a roller coaster ride through time, visiting some of the barmiest Brits in history. From cavemen to King John, the two-hander features fascinating facts, hilarious songs and frequent potty humour - both children and grownups laughed their socks off from start to finish. 

The poker faced puritans may have tried to ruin the fun by banning Christmas... but not even the most vanilla of puritans could resist a big musical number on the a West End stage! This set the pitch perfectly for my favourite part of history; the Restoration period. King Charles II fluttered in sparkling like a glitter ball and rapping all about putting the 'gyration' in Restoration, with Spargo providing the stand out moment of the performance. 

Terry Deary and Neal Foster's show features some brilliant references to popular culture; the Great British Bake Off quickly escalates in to the Great Fire of London. 

Nothing short of slick throughout, Neal Foster's production is fast paced with the ball of energy never dipping for a single second. This isn't your average children's show; Horrible Histories Barmy Britain Part Three is educational, enjoyable for those young and old(er) and - most importantly - a real hoot!

Reviewed by Joanne Hewes

Horrible Histories: Barmy Britain Part Three runs at the Garrick Theatre until 5th September 2015. Please visit for further information and tickets.

Photo Credit: Jane Hobson

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