Saturday, 8 August 2015

EdFringe Review: Wasted at the Gilded Balloon

Gilded Balloon (Venue 14) ​
12:15 / 1 hour
Reviewed on Friday 7th August 2015

Wasted is an eye opening piece of new writing exploring the grey area of consensual sex.

Kicking off to an explosive start in a nightclub, the audience are ushered on to the stage where they come face to face with stellar young actors Will Merrick and Serena Jennings. Merrick struts around like a ‘Jack the lad’ with Jennings drunkenly stumbling after him. I thought this would be a classic ‘nightclub love-story’, leading up to a fumbling one-night stand and seedy walk of shame the following morning.

At first Wasted is high energy and debouched, but soon takes a dark turn when, the following morning, a disturbed Jennings can’t remember what happened after leaving the nightclub and doesn’t think she consented to having sex. Jennings played the vulnerable Emma subtlety; at times it’s hard to watch, her performance is emotionally expressive.

Seamlessly jumping from character to character, Jennings and Merrick are both incredibly versatile and perform with bucket loads of energy. The style is pitched perfectly; no poignancy is detracted from the central story. Merrick establishes a fantastically fearless rapport with the audience; the stand out moment is his take on Kate (Emma’s best friend). Merrick has a natural flair for comedy and striking stage presence.

I felt Emma’s lengthy back story was borderline self-indulgent and could be scaled back. Wasted is a strong play with an important message. All coming of age teenagers should see this show – it’s educational and informative. With a bit of work I see a bright future for Wasted, it would work brilliantly in schools.

Wasted is a slick show which engages the audience from start to finish.

Reviewed by Joanne Hewes

Wasted runs at the Gilded Balloon until 31st August 2015.
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