Monday, 24 August 2015

EdFringe Review: Bump at the Gilded Balloon

Gilded Balloon (Venue 14) ​
11:00 / 50 minutes

Created by Buckle Up Theatre, Bump explores the relationship of two 20-somethings who accidentally bump into each other and get a little crazy. The piece is fast paced and high energy but, on occasion, feels a little forced.

The stand out moment is the caricatured way in which the pair bump into each other in the bedroom during their first sexual encounter. The scene is incredibly funny and superbly executed by both actors - this is the style I wanted to see more of.

Some of the dialogue is witty; the writing brings attention to how chaotic modern day life is with social media, video games, traffic jams and CHAOS. I enjoyed the use of props and simplistic yet effective staging.

Bump doesn't do any harm but I think it misses the mark. I went in expecting an immersive comedy and I felt it didn’t deliver. It lacks authenticity and is performed two dimensionally.

Reviewed by Joanne Hewes

Bump runs at the Gilded Balloon until 31st August 2015.
Click here for info and tickets.

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