Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Trey Parker & Matt Stone still want to do Book of Mormon movie "at some point"

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have spoken once again about wanting to make a movie version of their musical The Book of Mormon.

The show is currently running on Broadway and in the West End, whilst two productions are touring the U.S and an Australian production has been announced for 2017.

Speaking to IGN about the rumoured movie, Stone said: "We don't have any specific plans but yeah, we'd love to do it at some point."

Parker said: "It's going on in three different places in three hours and like, now there's a bunch of people in it that we've never met before. Just being able to kind of get a definitive version back together sounds like a good thing. Everything about it sounds fun, we just haven't really talked about it that much yet."

The Book of Mormon follows two young Mormon missionaries who are sent to a remote and oppressed village in Uganda, and naively try to share the scriptures of their religion with the locals.

The West End production, which runs at the Prince of Wales Theatre, currently stars Nic Rouleau as Elder Price and Brian Sears as Elder Cunningham alongside Alexia Khadime, Stephen Ashfield, Hugo Harold-Harrison and Chris Jarman.

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