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Review: Scotch and Soda at London Wonderground

Scotch and Soda 
London Wonderground
Reviewed on Thursday 25th June 2015

London Wonderground's Spiegeltent takes you into a world of possibility and curiosity; the hustle and bustle of central London floats away and I was ready for an evening of wonder. Scotch and Soda does not disappoint and sits perfectly in the beautifully atmospheric venue.

We meet the beautiful pairing of ‘Company 2’ and ‘The Crusty Staircase Band’ in a drunken opening number. All players begin to make their way on stage in a riotous manner juggling copious drinks whilst manically jamming on their quirky musical instruments.

The show was instantly a shared experience between the performers and audience. The audience were enticed and slightly anxious about their playful smiles, cheeky remarks and an overall openness. 

Each performer had their own character making the whole company an exciting dynamic.

From the crazy bearded man in clogs ‘Mozes’ who had a slight aversion to naturism, the strong fiery yet warm lady of the tent ‘Chelsea McGuffin’, to the two playful and talented brothers ‘David Carberry’ and ‘Skip Walker Milne’.

From the off it’s a tantalising cocktail of live jazz music, daring circus acts and set pieces. My attention didn’t waver for a second. I shrieked with giddy excitement, laughed wholeheartedly and generally just looked on in fearful amazement at these talented performers pushing their balance, strength, trust, bravery and agility to the absolute limit.

On reflection I think Scotch and Soda highlighted key qualities that are often missing in modern theatre. There was spontaneity, unpredictability and danger. It was so refreshing to see a show that didn’t just go through the motions and play it safe. Company 2 are highly skilled in their ability to let go emotionally into what is obviously a very precise and technical set of performances.

Scotch and Soda ticks all the right boxes; beautiful music, expressive performances, high energy, remarkable skill and a risk of danger. I was left energised and inspired; if anyone needs me... I’ve run away to join the circus!

Reviewed by Joanne Hewes

Scotch and Soda runs at London Wonderground until 2nd August 2015. Please for further information and tickets.

Photo Credit: Sean Young 

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