Thursday, 21 May 2015

Press Night Pics: McQueen at the St James Theatre starring Stephen Wight & Dianna Agron

Two press nights were held earlier this week for McQueen at the St James Theatre on 19th and 20th May 2015. Celebrity guests were in attendance as well as Alexander McQueen's family. Check out images below (click picture to enlarge).

McQueen stars Stephen Wight in the title role and Dianna Agron as Dahlia as well as Tracy-Ann Oberman as Isabella Blow, Laura Rees as Arabella and David Shaw-Parker as John Hitchcock. Sophie Apollonia, Amber Doyle, George Hill, Eloise Hymas, Jordan Kennedy, Rachel Louisa Maybank, James Revell and Carrie Willis complete the cast.

John Caird directs with design by David Farley, choreography by Christopher Marney, video design by Tim Bird, lighting design by David Howe, sound design by John Leonard and casting by Jayne Collins CDG & Kate Plantin CDG.

Adam Garcia (left) & Adam Garcia with wife Nathalia Chubin (right)

Adrien Sauvage (left) & Anita Harris with husband Mike Margolis

The cast during the curtain call at the second press night

Anita Harris with producer Julian Stoneman (left) & Director John Caird with wife Maoko Imai (right)

Cameron Mackintosh (left) & David Shaw-Parker and Mr John Hitchcock

Cameron and  Robert Mackintosh (Producers) with their mother Diana Gladys Tonna

Dianna Agron

Don from girlband Shallow Vs (left) & Eliza Doolittle and Jake Leslau (right)

Tracy-Ann Oberman and Dianna Agron

Eliza Doolittle with her father and Director John Caird (left) & Hari Dhillon  (right)

Jackie St Clair (left) & Jake Maskall (right)

Jay Rayner and Pat Gordon-Smith 

Jay Rayner (left) & Jeremy Irvine (right)

Laura Rees (left) & Lewis-Duncan Weedon (right)

Janet McQueen, Dianna Agron, Tracy-Ann Oberman and Gary McQueen 

Anne, Gary and Janet McQueen (left) &  Jackie St Clair and Manal Morrar (right)

Manal Morrar (left) & Mark Southern and Ali Bastian 

McQueen Cast

Matt Evers (left) & McQueen writer James Philips with wife Daphne Alexander
Mr John Hitchcock (left) & Samantha Bond and Alex Hanson (right)

Dianna Agron

Sarah Naudi,  Robert Mackintosh (Producer) and Gabriella Garcia (left) & Stephen Wight and Dianna Agron (right)

Stephen Wight and Dianna Agron (left) & Stephen Wight (right)
The McQueen family (Gary, Michael, Janet, Paul) with Stephen Wight
Tracy-Ann Obermann and Gary McQueen (left) & Twiggy (right)

Victoria Cooper, Janet McQueen and Anne McQueen (left) & McQueen writer James Philips and Dianna Agron (right)

Wilbur Smith with wife Mokhiniso Rakhimova

Photo Credit: Piers Allardyce

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