Monday, 18 May 2015

Billy Elliot confirms new West End cast

The West End production of Billy Elliot The Musical has confirmed its new West End cast. Ruthie Henshall and Deka Walmsley will continue to lead the show as Mrs Wilkinson and Dad respectively.

Also continuing in their roles are Chris Grahamson as Tony, Gillian Elisa as Grandma, Howard Crossley as George and Claudia Bradley as Dead Mum. 

Phil Snowdon is taking over as Mr Braithwaite whilst James Butcher is returning to the musical as Older Billy from tonight (18th May).

Ensemble members include: Craig Armstrong, Richard Ashton, James Ballanger, David Bardsley, Paul Basleigh, Rachel Bingham, Lucinda Collins, Peter Cork, Scott Cripps, Robbie Durham, Ross Finnie, Lee Hoy, Ruri James, Ben Redfern, Charlotte Riby, Mike Scott, Sharon Sexton, Wendy Somerville, Spencer Stafford, David Stoller and Kerry Washington.

Photo Credit: Alastair Muir

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