Friday, 24 April 2015

Review: Golem at Trafalgar Studios

Trafalgar Studios
Reviewed on Thursday 23rd April 2015

Presenting some very accurate observations surrounding our obsession with technology, 1927's latest production Golem has transferred to the West End following a run at the Young Vic. The satire aptly combines live theatre with animation, setting it apart from anything else currently running in London.

The piece follows nerdy Robert Robertson whose life spirals into chaos after buying a golem - a creature made out of clay who is supposed to assist Robert with his everyday affairs. As the model upgrades Robert's world dramatically changes. 

The true star of the show is Paul Barritt whose animation and film design is revolutionary. The attention to detail allows the actors (two of whom double up as musicians) to interact with animations throughout. A ground-breaking spectacle, elements of film enhance the skilful storytelling.

At first the concept is fascinating and some of the points highlighted throughout Suzanne Andrade's production (particularly about dating and CVs) have been very cleverly observed. However, the novelty eventually wears off when the story and overall flow begin to drag.

Despite only running for ninety minutes without an interval, the piece could be snappier. However, I fell in love with the show's cheekiness – I have never seen anything like it! It's great to see something uniquely funny and refreshingly relevant opening its doors to West End audiences.

Reviewed by Andrew Tomlins (Editor)

Golem runs at Trafalgar Studios until 22nd May 2015.
Please visit for info and tickets.

Photo Credit: Bernhard Müller

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