Monday, 16 March 2015

In the Dead of Night by Claudio Macor to be staged at the Landor Theatre

It has been announced that a new production of In the Dead of Night by Claudio Macor will be staged at the Landor Theatre between 22nd April and 16th May 2015. The play will be directed by Macor, with casting to be confirmed.

In the Dead of Night brings the classic dark, steamy atmosphere of film noir to the stage in this tale of eroticism, murder, and power. In a shady South American town at the end of World War II, a gloomy underworld of crime and corruption pulses to a Latin rhythm. 

Set in a dockside bar, a black and white world of life and death bursts into colour with its coterie of characters - both gay and straight - under the watch of femme fatale, Elvira. Unencumbered by the strict censorship of the original 1940s film noir genre, and with the addition of sensual dance sequences, In the Dead of Night expresses desires and deeds never allowed on screen at that time.

Producer Andrea Leoncini says: "With In the Dead of Night, playwright Claudio Macor (The Tailor-Made Man, Venetian Heat) has set out to show all the gritty reality of the film noir genre freed from the restrictions of the infamous Hollywood Production Code of the 30s and 40s. In this play, passionate love between both straight and gay couples is shown openly, dialogue is frank, and crime is seen to pay. Adding to the sense of passion and drama, Macor has woven in scenes of sensuous dance which highlight the erotic tensions and formerly forbidden love."

Choreography of the dance sequences will be by Anthony Whiteman and composer Paul Boyd is creating an original score for the play’s incidental music and dance.

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