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Review: Anything Goes (UK Tour) at the New Wimbledon Theatre

Anything Goes (UK Tour) 
New Wimbledon Theatre
Reviewed on Monday 2nd February 2015

Following its Christmas run in Sheffield, Daniel Evans' revival of Cole Porter's Anything Goes has set sail around the UK. The musical follows a soppy love triangle, features various eccentric characters and is set aboard a luxurious transatlantic liner; what more could you want from an old school musical of song, dance and romance?!

Zoe Rainey and Matt Rawle
The beauty of Anything Goes, which premiered on Broadway in 1934, is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. At first I feared everything was a little too shallow, but as the first act progresses you can't help but become swept away by the impressive yet fun spectacle of it all (I don't want to give too much away about the outrageous swimming costumes that make quite an impression during one particular number).

I love a musical that gives everyone their time to shine, and it feels like the second act of Anything Goes is constructed to do just that - everyone is given their big song. I certainly wasn't complaining as triumphant numbers are jam packed together with cast members stepping forward one by one to steal the show again and again and again.

Leading the cast as Reno Sweeney is Debbie Kurup who shines as a formidable triple threat - she really can do it all. Although you can't help but smile every time Hugh Sachs steps foot on stage as Moonface Martin, for me it is the incomparable Zoe Rainey who steals the show as Hope Harcourt. Rainey's solo numbers stunningly showcase her effortless vocal range as she takes to the stage with glamour and natural charm. 

The ensemble are always sensationally on point. Alistair David's choreography has a humorous and slightly quirky edge which works swimmingly. Those who enjoyed the recent tours of Singin' in the Rain and Top Hat are bound to relish every moment of Anything Goes. It is always wonderful to see new life and excitement breathed into an unforgettable classic.

Reviewed by Andrew Tomlins (Editor)

Anything Goes runs at the New Wimbledon Theatre until Saturday 7th February and tours the UK until Saturday 10th October 2015. Please visit www.anythinggoestour.com for info, full tour dates and tickets.

Photo Credit: Johan Persson

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