Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Review: The Full Monty (UK Tour) at the Milton Keynes Theatre

The Full Monty (UK Tour)
Milton Keynes Theatre
Reviewed on Monday 19th January 2015

Following its West End run last year, The Full Monty is back on the road. I thought last year's press night in London was crazy, but absolutely nothing could have prepared me for the insane response the play received on just a normal Monday evening in Milton Keynes.

This new play version of The Full Monty (not to be confused with the musical) has been adapted by Simon Beaufoy from his own screenplay about a group of unemployed steel workers who form a troupe of male strippers. Fans of the film will not be disappointed as all the iconic moments are very much still intact.

The Full Monty certainly shines as a piece of theatre in its own right. It's important to remember that The Full Monty isn't just about six guys taking their clothes off; if you take away the stripping element, it is a play which centres around six out-of-work, struggling men who hit rock bottom in desperate times. 

However, the stripping element is clearly an incentive for many to book tickets, the advertising for the current tour is even sexier and the theatre was dominated by women on girls nights out. There were wolf whistles before leading man Gary Lucy (Gaz) had even uttered his first line. Those who are just there to see some flesh have a long wait, the anticipation in the theatre was just hilarious! When the final strip came many couldn't contain themselves, I have never heard a reaction like it.

The six leads have fantastic chemistry throughout; it's nice to see them having fun with their roles as well as with the audience, playing off the rowdy crowd. Many scenes are touching and tackle more serious issues, but a brilliant one-liner is never too far away. 

Reviewed by Andrew Tomlins (Editor) 

The Full Monty runs at the Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday 24th January 2015 and tours the UK until Saturday 23rd May 2015. Please visit for further information and tickets.

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