Friday, 16 January 2015

Review: at the Park Theatre

Ralph Aiken and Charlie Brooks
Park Theatre
Reviewed on Thursday 15th January 2015

When began with a more mature couple awaiting the arrival of a younger couple for a night of unlimited pleasure, I feared Michael Kingsbury's play was headed down an obvious route. However, there is more to the piece than first meets the eye and I found myself becoming completely sucked into the play's intense and promiscuous world.

Jason Durr and Tanya Franks
The first act of works so well as there are no boundaries. I had absolutely no idea where it was heading; the build up of tension and anticipation is utter genius. 

The Park Theatre is very intimate, making it very easy to have a nosey and look around at the different reactions. Some people looked very uncomfortable whilst, like me, others found themselves eagerly drawn in to Ian Brown's production.

Things are less rosy in the second act. There is, of course, an inevitable plot twist; however, it's's deep and reflective turn which makes it interesting and kept me hooked. The situation these characters find themselves in is complex and it becomes a weird and twisted psychological game. 

Most the cast have worked extensively on screen which shows as their performances are detailed; this works a treat in a theatre as intimate as the Park. Often similar plays don't work as they rely too much on sex and awkward nudity, but doesn't overstep the mark or outstay its welcome. 

A fun and fearless play. See it if you dare. 

Reviewed by Andrew Tomlins (Editor) runs at the Park Theatre until Saturday 14th February 2015.
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Photo Credit: Kim Hardy

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