Friday, 9 January 2015

GOSSIP: Harry Hill working on new musical

Harry Hill has revealed that he is working on a new biography-based musical.

Speaking to Metro, Hill - who is currently working on the return of Stars in Their Eyes - said: "I'm not going to say who it's about because someone else will nick the idea.

"I think it'll be very funny. I'll get it on its feet when Stars in Their Eyes finishes. I've learned this time to start small, out of the spotlight, and see what happens."

Last year Hill's musical I Can't Sing' opened in the West End where it ran for six weeks at the London Palladium. Discussing the musical's closure, Hill said: "The show was good, we couldn't do anything to make it better, the fact it didn't run longer wasn't anyone's fault. Musicals are a dangerous game – most of them flop. It's not a science.

"The difficulty with The X Factor and Simon is they carry this huge baggage – everyone was out to get it, but we got some good reviews. It'd be great if I had someone to blame, but I don't. People in the business tell me, 'That's the game'. I thought it would run longer than six weeks but not for six years. We got the fun out of it, we just didn't get the money."

When questioned about Simon Cowell, Hill said: "He was very straightforward about getting the show on, then straightforward about it coming off. We were never really pals – I didn't have his phone number."

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  1. I would argue that the London Palladium was the wrong venue for I Can't Sing. However, I'm sure it would sell well if it toured. I would disagree that most musicals flop. I could list numerous show that haven't!!