Thursday, 29 January 2015

Full casting announced for A Mad World My Masters 2015 UK Tour directed by Sean Foley

Full casting has been announced for the Royal Shakespeare Company and English Touring Theatre’s production of Thomas Middleton’s A Mad World My Masters. The show returns in 2015 for an eight venue national tour 

Sean Foley (who has edited the script with Phil Porter) directs with design by Alice Power, lighting by Johanna Town, sound and music by Ben and Max Ringham and choreography by Polly BennettMarieke Audsley is the Associate Director, Hannah Miller is the Casting Director and Alison de Burgh  is the Fight Choreographer.

A Mad World My Masters visits: Wolverhampton Grand Theatre (26 – 28 February), Grand Theatre Blackpool (5 – 7 March), Theatre Royal Brighton (10 – 14 March), Malvern Theatres (24 – 28 March),Hall for Cornwall (31 March – 4 April), Theatre Royal Bath (7 – 11 April), Darlington Civic Theatre (14 – 18 April) and Cambridge Arts Theatre (21 – 25 April) before playing a limited run at the Barbican (29 April – 9 May).

The cast includes: Charlie Archer (Master Whopping Prospect), Joe Bannister (Dick Follywit) Ellie Beaven (Mrs Littledick), Ishia Bennison (Mrs Kidman), Christopher Chilton (Constable/Caretaker/Squodge), Ben Deery (Mr Littledick), Dennis Herdman (Penitent Brothel), Linda John Pierre (Singer), Pearl Mackie (Prostitute/Clothes Swap Girl), Lois Meleri-Jones (Prostitute), Lee Mengo (Oboe), Michael  Moreland (Sponger), Nicholas Prasad (Master Muchly Minted), Sarah Quist(Waitress/Prostitute /Moka Owner), Ian Redford (Sir Bounteous Peersucker), Sarah Ridgeway (Truly Kidman), David Rubin(Spunky/Detective), Bertie Taylor-Smith (Waiter/Servant ) and Jonny Weldon (Waiter/Servant).

Musicians include: Candida Caldicot (Musical Director & Keyboard), Thomas Allan (Trumpet), Tom Peverelle (Drums), Ellie Smith (Trombone) and Ayse Osman (Bass).    

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