Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Casting announced for Jekyll & Hyde 2015 UK Tour

A new adaptation of Jekyll and Hyde will tour the UK later this year. The production is set to open at the Greenwich Theatre on Wednesday 11th February 2015. The title roles of Jekyll and Hyde will be played by Nathan Ives-Moiba (Our Country’s Good), with Lyle Barke (Secret Cinema’s Back To The Future) as Utterson and Rowena Lennon (The Elves and the Shoemaker) as Dr. Lanyon.

Robert Louis Stevenson’s cult classic is reinterpreted in this modern adaptation, set in a steampunk dystopian world where the questionable actions of leaders are no longer held to account, whilst the personal freedoms of the common citizen are disregarded. A vivid depiction of a regressive future, this bold new adaptation is written by Jo Clifford and presented by Sell a Door.

Jekyll and Hyde is directed by David Hutchinson with design by Richard Evans, lighting design by Charlie Morgan Jones and movement by Racky Plews. The assistant director is Lucy Atkinson.

Set in an alternative London of the future that is consumed by the quest for immortality, Dr. Henry Jekyll is a high-profile cancer specialist, determined to find a cure for mankind’s greatest medical challenge. In his obsession to be the doctor that makes this historic breakthrough, Jekyll’s radical research results in the creation of an unintentional strain of drug which entirely alters the patient’s personality.

Making himself the subject of his own experiments, Jekyll steps into the unknown and unleashes his inner demons. Trapped in a corporate world, Dr. Jekyll must choose to keep hold of his own identity as he revels in the freedom and chaos of his hideous alter ego: Mr Hyde. But is the choice still in his hands?

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