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Review: Times Square Angel at the Union Theatre

Times Square Angel
Union Theatre
Reviewed on Friday 28th December 2014

Times Square Angel by Charles Busch is possibly one of the craziest pieces of theatre ever written. From beginning to end it is absolutely mad, providing an hour and a half of camp Christmas fun.

Set in 1948 New York, Times Square Angel centres around Irish O’Flanagan - a larger than life club singer with plenty to say for herself. A comical rip off of A Christmas Carol, an Angel is sent from heaven by God to turn O’Flanagan's life around; the Angel (who is at risk of being sent to hell himself) must make O’Flanagan see the error of her ways. 

As soon as you realise that Times Square Angel is not to be taken too seriously (and you have drunk a Manhattan or two) you can strap yourself in for a ridiculous night at the theatre. 

Renowned for his cabaret shows as alter ego Velma Celli, Ian Stroughair makes quite an impression as Irish O’Flanagan. His rendition of 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' at the start of the show is the highlight, it's such a shame that we aren't treated to any other musical performances.

There are certainly questionable moments and clumsy moments of text, but I actually quite like the message behind Times Square Angel! As I looked around the Union I saw many bewildered faces, as well as looks of Christmas joy. 

If you hate Christmas and are after a deep and politically charged piece of theatre, Times Square Angel would be your worst nightmare; however, if you are up for a cheesy laugh, able to forgive a script which is truly bonkers and easily won over by a cheap snow machine... go and see this show like no other. 

Reviewed by Andrew Tomlins (Editor)

Times Square Angel runs at the Union Theatre until Sunday 21st December 2014.
Please visit for further information and tickets.

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