Tuesday, 9 December 2014

GOSSIP: Pretty Woman the Musical is "a year away"

Garry Marshall has revealed that Pretty Woman the Musical is "a year away" and that Disney are producing the production which is likely to find its way to Broadway.

Speaking to deadline.com, the American actor/director/writer/producer said: "The producer is Paula Wagner, who’s a Broadway gal, and we’re putting it all together. It’s a year away but Disney’s behind it. After 24 years. In the old days nobody figured that a movie could become a play, so in the ’80s they gave writers theatrical rights, a piece, you can’t get near that. [Pretty Woman screenplay author] J.F. Lawton owns half and Disney owns half. He wanted to write an opera where everybody dies and Disney wanted to make the Julia Roberts part amodel…

"These Disney people said to me, ‘We cannot put our label on a show about a prostitute. But you can, so your name will be on as one of the producers. We would like to make the money.’ We have a good relationship. [Disney Theatrical Group chief] Tom Schumacher has been very, very supportive and helpful. We’ve had a couple of little readings of it with temporary music, and it’s not bad. It’s still a darn good story."

Marshall may be best known for his film work, but has also worked in theatre. He recently worked on the off-Broadway production of Billy & Ray. Released in 1990, Pretty Woman famously starred Richard Gere and Julia Roberts.

Stay tuned for further info!

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