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Review: Stick Man at the Leicester Square Theatre

Stick Man
Leicester Square Theatre
Reviewed on Saturday 15th November 2014

'Stick Man lives in the family tree
With his Stick Lady Love
and their stick children three...’

However, when Stick Man goes for a jog one spring morning he tumbles into one adventure after another, being mistaken for a Pooh Stick, a Nest Twig and even a log for the fire! Will he make it back to his family before Christmas Day or will the outside prove too dangerous?

Scamp Theatre really have outdone themselves, bringing this beloved story to life with a physical performance that is beautifully creative and mesmerising for its young audience. They 'stick' (sorry) to the story, adding a few mischievous innuendoes to keep the grown-ups chortling and (of course) some welcome audience participation.

The cast of three are excellent and there is no lack of energy and enthusiasm on this stage. Straight away the audience are laughing at the opening number, which sets the tone for the rest of the show. 

The Stick People are very cute and the combination of 'prop' and human works wonderfully well. Richard Kiess (Stick Man), Cassie Valance (Stick Lady Love et al) and Alex Tosh (Musician et al) are all fantastic, contorting their faces into all manner of hilarious expressions that actually bring their characters to life. 

Vallance's facial acting as the dog is incredible, as is Kiess's woeful expression as he explains he's not a stick, but Stick Man. Tosh brings up the trio, providing the instrumental comedy and the comedic television-like voiceover.

Some children's shows struggle to cater to all ages, but Scamp Theatre's Stick Man (directed by Sally Cookson) have produced a brilliant show, that had both adults and children giggling throughout (and in our case joining in with A LOT of enthusiasm)!

This production of Stick Man is funny, visually appealing and incredibly creative - a truly 'fantastick' production!

Reviewed by Michaela Clement-Hayes

Stick Man runs at the Leicester Square Theatre until Sunday 4th January 2015.
Please visit for info and tickets!

Photo Credit: Steve Ullathorne

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