Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Review: La Soirée at the Southbank Centre’s Winter Festival

La Soirée
Southbank Centre / Spiegeltent 
Reviewed on Tuesday 11th November 2014

For most theatregoers winter can be a tragic time with panto-fever taking over theatreland (and not to mention children wearing tea towels and carol singers). Let's face it, Christmas comes earlier every year.

Yet all is not lost... on London's Southbank inside the Spigeltent is a show that will excite and delight. It's fast, furious and flamboyant with daring displays from acrobats, dancers and performers of all shapes and sizes.

La Soirée opens with Puddles Pity Party, a Pierrot who surprises us all with his beautiful voice that fills the audience with sorrow. But this is not a tragic show and things become dramatically livelier as the evening continues...

Ursula Martinez (all the way from Spain, via Croydon) shocks us with her lascivious act, a striptease involving a disappearing (and reappearing) red handkerchief that has the audience gasping and giggling. Trust me, it leaves nothing to the imagination!

For the more reserved Brits we have The English Gents who show us the proper way to read the paper, wear a bowler hat and smoke a pipe... all whilst performing acrobatic tricks high up in the air, for the most part wearing nothing but Union Flag underwear! I’ve got to tell you, the display from these handsome gentlemen makes you proud to be British.

Add in oral tricks from David and Fofo, a sexy juggler, a hula hooping phenomenon - not to mention a man in a blue spandex bunny suit - and you've got a cracking show that will have you laughing, cheering and clapping the night away.

Reviewed by Michaela Clement-Hayes

La Soirée runs at the Southbank Centre's Spiegeltent  until Sunday 11th January 2015.
Please visit for info and tickets.

Photo Credit 1: Prudence Upton
Photo Credit 2: Carl Oscar Aaro

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