Tuesday, 30 September 2014

GOSSIP: Lionel Richie working on musical

During a recent interview with Digital Spy, Lionel Richie revealed he is working on a musical. 

"That's right on the drawing board" Richie said, "people have said to me over and over again it's the songbook of their lives." 

"The key to wanting to make it is finding the right storyline, it's working on the right narrative - and if we get it right, then you can actually sit there and sing through the entire show and know exactly where you were. That's really what the songs are."

When questioned about whether the musical would be about him or whether a new story would be written around his music, Richie said, "I think that as much as I would love to make it on my life and career, I really want to make it so that everyone can identify with it, as opposed to just my story. I'm limiting myself if I go that route. As much as I would like to tell my story, I'll save that one for the motion picture." 

"The music is so identifiable. I want to make the story just as identifiable, so everyone can plug into their experience. That's the key to the story. I'm writing that now." 

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