Monday, 29 September 2014

Best West End Debut 2014: Full Result

Willemijn Verkaik has won the 2014 West End Frame Award for Best West End Debut. She wins for her performance as Elphaba in the West End production of Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre.

Speaking to West End Frame, Willemijn said: "Wow, this is really amazing and I'm truly touched. To play the role in the West End was such an honour and everyone knows it wasn't easy having to leave the show prematurely, but I always felt such support from all of you. I'm working very hard to get back into shape, and to receive this award is as if you're all there with me climbing that mountain. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!"

Andrew Tomlins (Editor of West End Frame) said: "We have seen some spectacular West End debuts over the past year and it has been inspiring to see so much support for our nominees who are fresh out of drama school as well as those who are internationally recognised superstars. There was a ridiculous amount of talent on the list of nominees and I would like to thank everybody who voted."

Best West End Debut runs as part of the 2014 West End Frame Awards. Click here for further information and check out the full result below:

Willemijn Verkaik
Elphaba / Wicked 
26% of the final vote

2nd Place
Rachelle Ann Go 
Gigi / Miss Saigon 
24% of the final vote

3rd Place
Alexandra Burke 
Rachel Marron / The Bodyguard 
12%  of the final vote

4th Place
Denis Grindel 
Jimmy Rabbitte / The Commitments 
9% of the final vote

5th Place
A.J. Holmes 
Elder Cunningham / The Book of Mormon 
6% of the final vote

6th Place
Matt Nalton 
Nick Massi / Jersey Boys 
4%  of the final vote

7th Place
Eva Noblezada 
Kim / Miss Saigon 
4% of the final vote

8th Place
Michael Colbourne 
 Enjolras / Les Miserables 
4% of the final vote

9th Place
Alice Stokoe
Sophie Sheridan / Mamma Mia 
3% of the final vote

10th Place
Lizzy Connolly 
Jolene Oakes / Dirty Rotten Scoundrels 
2%  of the final vote

11th - 15th Place 
in alphabetical order

Billy Harrigan Tighe, Carey Mulligan, Cleo Higgins, 
Harry Shearer & Martin Quinn



  1. Do you think maybe its a little harsh to list everyone in order? Its a bit like saying "congratulations, you're one of the worst west end debuts!" Would it not be a little nicer to just list the top 5?

  2. disappointing. hope you are honest with the results

  3. I'm not convinced. Just because voters are unable to view the votes since Sept. 16, results have been manipulated. We all know who the real winner is.

    1. Hilarious... How could you say this? Maybe you're not really happy that Willemijn have won and not an other but please! Stay polite! She is a such wonderful person! And she worked so hard! So maybe you don't enjoy the results but never say this anymore! Willemijn Verkaik is a person too. She has feelings. So, play nice!
      All of them did an extraordinary work!

  4. Congratulations Willemijn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. well done Rachelle Ann Go !!!!!

  6. The top 2 were both great Artist. However when the real time viewing of votes was shut down, then that puts gray area to mechanics.

  7. Congratulations, Willemijn!!!!!

    You are the b e s t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Rachelle Ann Go is not a pop star as my friend from the Philippines said to me! She is like an ordinary asshole! I think Philippines' pop star is Regine or Sarah? Confirm by my friend. But anyways, congrats to all the winners! You all truly deserve it!

  9. Regine Velasquez of the Philippines is a far away better than to a starlet Rachelle Ann Go!!