Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Interview: Stewart Clarke, starring as Sam Wheat in Ghost The Musical (UK Tour)

Stewart Clarke is currently starring as Sam Wheat on the first ever UK Tour of Ghost The Musical. Based on the phenomenal Oscar winning movie that captured the hearts and imaginations of a generation back in the Nineties, Ghost the Musical is a timeless fantasy about the power of love. Sam is trapped as a ghost between this world and the next trying to communicate with girlfriend Molly through a phoney psychic in the hope of saving her from his murderer. Ghost the Musical is a rollercoaster ride of romance and comedy with dazzling state-of-the-art staging. 

Stewart’s stage credits include Loserville at the Garrick Theatre, Sweeney Todd at the Rose Theatre, Songs For a New World at the Bridewell Theatre and Parade at the Lowry. Stewart’s screen credits include the feature film Easy Virtue. 

Recently I spoke to Stewart about what it was like opening the tour in Cardiff, what initially drew him to the role of Sam and what the audition process was like for such a huge role... 

How’s the tour going so far? 
It is all going very well so far! I really enjoyed opening the tour in Cardiff as it is such a lovely theatre (Wales Millennium Centre). It was unlike anything I have performed in before and the audiences seem to love the show. It was great to get the show in front of an audience because we had four weeks rehearsal and then a huge tech period because it is such a technical show. But the first performance was great as it reminded us all what a strong and powerful piece of theatre it is.

What can people expect from Ghost? 
Fantastic illusions for a start, it is what makes it so unique. When I saw the show in the West End I remember not having a clue how they did it! But obviously now I’m sworn to secrecy, I love doing it and it was good fun learning all the secrets. People can also expect gorgeous music and a timeless story. All rolled together with a great cast and you’ve got a great show. 

Why were you drawn to the role of Sam? 
I saw the show when it was in London when Mark Evans was playing Sam. He was great and I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing the role was, I never realised how tiring it would be though! It is an immense role with lots of great songs to sing as well as so many emotions to portray. 

It’s such a huge role so the audition process must have been tough? 
Surprisingly it was not as tough as I thought it would be, it was more intense than long. It was great because they gave us the chance to settle in and the creatives who were working with us gave us plenty of opportunities to work with them. It was a really great experience. 

Sam is also a very emotionally demanding role, do you ever find it hard to unwind after a performance? 
Sometimes it can be draining. Before the show I have to psych myself up but because I’m on stage most of the time, once we get going I don’t really think about it and then before you know it the show's finished. 

What are the cast like to work with? 
Everyone is so brilliantly talented! I’m sure people say this all the time but everybody is lovely and everyone is there to support each other... I could not ask for more.

How are you finding touring life so far? 
I’ve never toured before so this is a new experience for me. I love the idea of visiting new theatres and towns every few weeks. It keeps you on your toes as there are constantly new theatres, audiences and places to visit. It’s going to be a very exciting year! Plus, as I said, because it is such a lovely company to be touring with it's going to be a lot of fun. 

You recently starred in the West End production of Loserville, was it a fun show to be part of? 
Loserville was great, it is one of those shows which is just a good laugh. It was very high energy, fun and young and the cast were so vibrant which really came across. It is completely different to Ghost but also fun to be a part of for different reasons. However, I think I feel a little more responsibility playing Sam in Ghost,  I always love a new challenge. 

What advice would you give to aspiring performers? 
You need to keep working. If you have a real passion for it things will happen. It should never feel like a chore and if you have that fire in your belly and know you want it, just work for it and you will get there! 

What would you like to say to everyone who has supported you throughout your career so far? 
Well... thank you! My parents and family have always been fantastic and I couldn’t do all this without people's support.

Interviewed by Andrew Tomlins (Editor)

The UK Tour of Ghost The Musical runs at the New Wimbledon Theatre until 11th May 2013. 
For further information, tour dates and to book tickets please visit www.ghostthemusical.com

Follow Stewart on Twitter: @StewClarke
Visit Stewart's Website: www.stewartclarke.co.uk

Photo Credit: Sean Ebsworth Barnes


  1. Great interview, well done Stew I saw you in Loserville and can't wait to see you in Wimbledon next week.

  2. Stewart is the most talented and sexiest Sam ever!