Saturday, 30 June 2012

Review: The In-Between Concept Album

The In-Between Concept Album
Music, Lyrics & Book by Laura Tisdall

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I sat down to listen to The In-Between Concept Album for the first time. Obviously I was excited by who was involved - stars from musicals including Wicked, Les Misérables and We Will Rock You. However the true star of The In-Between is its composer, Laura Tisdall. Her music is enchanting.

The first song on the concept album, 'She's My Sister' is one of my favourites. It introduces us to clashing sisters Alice and Flick who consider their love-hate relationship during the song. It is sung by Dianne Pilkington & Cassandra Compton who don't just sing the song - they act every single word. This enables you to picture exactly what is going on the whole time, as if you are watching it being performed. Their voices compliment each other perfectly and trust me, after listening to this song once you will never be able to get it out of your head! It is extremely catchy.

'Never Expect' is the second song on the concept album, during the song Flick extols the virtues of being average. This song shows how incredible Sabrina Aloueche's voice is. She sings with such power and emotion. This song demonstrates how inspiration has come from other musicals although it also brings something new to the table. The In-Between has a distinct sound which is consistent throughout the concept album. While each song is different you could hear the song somewhere and straight away identify the song as being from The In-Between. This shows how clever Laura Tisdall's writing really is.

'Out Of Your World' is another extremely catchy song, sung by Daniel Boys. This song introduces us to Calicus. The song is about him offering Flick the chance to travel another word. Daniel's voice really draws you into the world of the In-Between, making you forget about about the real world for 2 minutes and 26 seconds. It is one of those songs that you realise you are humming around the house and think 'hang on - what is this song'. The In-Between would be one of those musicals that you leave singing all the songs on the train because after just one listen you remember them.

'When I Was Nineteen' is sung by Julie Atherton. The sons is about Alice, Flick's sister, looking back on her family's troubled past. You don't just listen to this song - you live it. When I listen to this song it touches something inside of me, enabling me to feel each and every emotion of the song. It is refreshing to hear such a simple song being so powerful. This song is extremely moving and it was not until the silence after the song finished that I realised how much it had touched me. When I Was Nineteen is simply stunning.

One of the most popular songs on the album is 'Beyond The Door'. Hadley Fraser was the perfect choice for this song! The song has so much depth. It is about Calicus, who is unable to forget Flick, wondering what life is like outside of the In-Between and how finds himself tempted to look through one of the exit doors into the worlds. You can take the song metaphorically enabling the song to mean something different to each and every person who listens to it. The song builds tremendously and like 'When I Was Nineteen' has a long lasting effect once the song is over. As Hadley Fraser sings  with such intensity, while listening to him I freeze and can do nothing but concentrate on what he is singing. This is something not all singers can accomplish. 

I love 'Someone You'd Be Proud Of' because anyone can relate to it. Everyone can think of a moment in their life which is similar to the situation Flick finds herself in. This song is the one I connected to the most. I also think Lauren Samuels' voice is breath taking. She starts off singing so soft and beautifully before slowly building up and belting out the most heart wrenching notes, once again showing us how versatile she is. If this show was to be performed on stage I would love to see Lauren portraying role of Flick. 

The final song on the concept album, 'Not Alone' really does leave you wanting to know how the story ends. While Laura Tisdall is keeping what happens to conclude the story a closely guarded secret this song definitely leaves you wanting more. Alexia Khadime & Liam Tamne's voices together create magic.

The In-Between concept album opens your eyes to the next generation of theatre. It comforting getting to know new characters, new music and a brand new composer. As The In-Between has proven to be incredibly popular among theatre fans on social networks and at West End Live I am confident it won't be to long before we can buy tickets to see the show in the West End...

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  1. This show has to be put on a stage soon!

  2. Not a bad review! Actually sounds like a human being wrote it and not some professor of English! This makes a nice change! Love the In-Between, Beyond The Door is going to be the next big musical theatre anthem!

  3. the music is amazing! a must have!!! Xxxx

  4. the in-between is going to be such a good musical